Local NBC Affiliate Sensationalizes Story About “Mainstream Media Sensationalism”

For the past 14 days, a local NBC affiliate (KUCK) in Houston, Texas has been reporting on “Mainstream Media sensationalism” in an effort to demonize major news outlets like CNN and Fox News for “exaggerating” the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Rather than discussing factual developments relating to the crisis, KUCK Houston has been reporting on how media companies are using the pandemic to increase their bottom line. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Bernie Steinberg, the 52-year-old host of Good Morning Texas, interjected Monday morning during a puff piece on a local karate studio. “The Mainstream Media has created this hoax to attract more eyeballs – and, in turn, more advertising revenue.”

“This is unprecedented,” Cheri Burkhead, the lead meteorologist on Good Evening Texas, shouted during her Tuesday evening weather report. “America has never – I mean never – seen such sensationalism from the Mainstream Media.”

Over the past two weeks, the phrase “Mainstream Media Sensationalism” has been used 127 times across the station’s morning and evening programs.

Developing… One of our Houston-area readers has spotted a new ad running during a commercial break of This Is Us that highlights an upcoming KUCK special called, “Sensationalism: An Inside Look into How the Mainstream Media is Destroying America.”