Locals Admire Humble Man Who Refused “I Voted” Sticker

A 28-year-old man in the small town of Blue Ridge, Georgia drew admiration on Tuesday for allegedly refusing an “I voted” sticker after leaving the town’s local polling station. Thomas Murray, a former school teacher who recently transitioned to the janitorial services industry, was seen strolling in the neighborhood park late in the evening, where he was stopped multiple times by people asking if he had voted yet.

“Of course I voted,” Murray responded to each resident who approached him. “I just don’t like to broadcast it to the world by wearing the sticker.”

The news of Murray’s humility quickly spread throughout the town, as it is custom for Blue Ridge residents to wear multiple “I Voted” stickers on election days – and in recent years, to post a selfie on Facebook with at least one sticker prominently displayed in the photo.

“What an incredible display of humility,” local resident Maggie O’Leary told reporters. “I mean, not wearing an ‘I Voted’ sticker after you made such a noble contribution to the democratic process? I always vote super early so I can tell as many people as possible that I took part in the process. I don’t know how Thomas does it.”

Update: Sources are now saying there’s a real possibility Murray simply forgot or was too lazy to vote.