Madonna Successfully Evades Paparazzi By Not Putting on Makeup

Madonna took paparazzi by surprise on Thursday when she left her home without putting on makeup, evading nearly a dozen photographers who had been loitering in front of the songwriter’s home. Every morning at 9:30 am, the “Queen of Pop” takes a stroll through her neighborhood. Thanks to her consistent exercise regimen, at least eight paparazzi are planted outside her home each morning.

On Thursday, Madonna exited the front door of her home and walked within six feet of the photographers, most of whom who have seen the songwriter every day for the past three months.

“I can’t believe I missed her,” said veteran paparazzi Joe Thompson, who claims to have snapped 2,342 photographs of Madonna. “I don’t even remember seeing anyone leave the home.”

“It’s embarrassing,” echoed Samuel Jenkins, who says he’s seen Madonna’s face so many times that it once prompted a night terror. “I remember seeing someone, but it didn’t look like anyone of importance.”

Madonna’s elusive behavior on Thursday has put the print media in disarray, as publishers fear more Hollywood actresses will follow suit.