Poll: Majority of Millennials Oppose Student Loan Debt

A shocking new Gallup poll released Thursday revealed that the overwhelming majority of millennials oppose student loan debt. When asked whether they are in favor of the debt they accumulated in college, 68 percent of graduates said they “strongly oppose it,” 21 percent said they “moderately oppose it,” and 11 percent said they “approve of it.”

While the majority of millennials oppose student loan debt, there is still a healthy percentage of graduates that enjoy making their monthly loan payments. “I’m proud of my degree,” said Jonathan Taylor, a 23-year-old barista who majored in Viticulture and Enology and is now paying back $279,000 in student loan debt to four different financial institutions. “Only in America can you pay this kind of money for a premium degree.”

Universities were particularly surprised by the consensus. “We can only assume that this is an unprecedented shift in opinion,” said Lawrence Bacow, president of Harvard University. “Our conventional belief was that large amounts of student loan debt were a positive reminder to post-graduates of their collegiate accomplishments.”