Man Successfully Fights Off Suicidal Thoughts While Packing For Family Vacation

With much courage, a man in Kansas City, Missouri fought off a series of suicidal thoughts while packing the vehicle for an eight-day-long family vacation. Timothy Duggar was taking his family to Casey, Illinois, where the chief attraction on his wife’s itinerary was visiting the world’s largest rocking chair.

A father of four children under the age of six, Mr. Duggar said while he typically enjoys the excursions his wife plans for the family, packing the van is a painstaking process. “Trying to fit all of this crap in the van is a grueling process,” he said. “It’s like playing a seemingly impossible game of real-life Tetris.”

“I kept thinking, I could just hop in the van and drive off a cliff,” Duggar added. “But I fought through it. And, in the end, I got to witness – in person – the world’s largest rocking chair.”