Man Gets Emotional Support Puppy To Cope With the Death of His Dog

A man in Reno, Nevada has purchased an emotional support puppy to deal with the death of his recently deceased dog. Jason Worley, a 26-year-old postal service worker who says he’s considered “going postal” on multiple occasions, lost his 12-year-old Boston Terrier last week from heart failure.

A few months earlier, Worley had a friend who got an emotional support parakeet to help ease her through a messy divorce. “She told me her emotional support animal really helped her through the process,” Worley said. “So when Sparky died, my first thought was to get an emotional support animal to help deal with my grief.”

As a dog lover, Worley thought a puppy would be the perfect type of emotional support animal, so he went to PetSmart and bought a two-month-old Boston Terrier. TrollWire’s very own Jenny Gardner flew to Reno to interview Mr. Worley about his situation.

“The companionship will help,” Worley said. “Sparky was my best friend, and losing him was the most difficult thing I’ve had to deal with. Having an emotional support animal will provide the assistance I need to alleviate my symptoms.”

“How exactly will this ’emotional support puppy’ help alleviate your symptoms?” Jenny asked.

“Well… umm… it’s an emotional support puppy,” Mr. Worley explained. “It will provide me with emotional support. He will take naps with me. We can play fetch, just like I did with Sparky. And in return, I will feed him and brush his hair.”

“So… you got a new pet…” Jenny responded.

“No, no, Ms. Gardner,” Worley shot back. “I got an emotional support animal.”