Husband Goes Overboard With “My Wife Wears the Pants” Jokes

A man in Marble Falls, Texas is catching heat for making too many “my wife wears the pants” jokes. The pattern caught local news this Thursday and TrollWire’s Sean Vanity flew down to investigate the story.

There have been an increasing number of complaints that a man by the name of John Sonderman has been overusing variations of the “my wife is the boss” cliché. One of the earlier offenses occurred on Friday, when a friend of Sonderman’s invited him to go out for a beer. “Well, I’ll have to check with the wife,” Sonderman responded. “Ya know, she wears the pants! Ha ha ha.”

The following day, another Marble Falls resident reported a similar story at the town’s most popular coffee shop. “Ya know what they say, ‘happy wife, happy life’! Ha ha ha,” Kathy Thomas overheard.

“I just knew it had to be him,” Ms. Thomas said. “When I heard that voice, it was so clear. Sure enough, I turned around and there was John Sonderman, telling another ‘my wife wears the pants’ joke.”

But it didn’t stop there. A third incident was reported the following day at the local Applebee’s. Nathan and Betsy Parish were enjoying a 2-for-20 meal when they overheard a conversation at the table next to them.

Female: “We’re getting rid of the TV anyways. We don’t need three. It’s yours, if you’d like it.” 

Male: “Oh, I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the boss! I just do what I’m told! Ha ha ha.”

“It was just terrible,” Betsy croaked, visibly shaken from the event. “I turned to my right, and there he was… Yes… It was John Sonderman.”

* It’s been two months since this original report, and it was just documented that a man in Marble Falls, Texas by the name of John Sonderman was arrested when police responded to a domestic disturbance.