Elderly Man “Mansplains” What it’s Like to Get a Prostate Exam

An elderly man in Irving, Texas stirred up controversy on Thursday after he “mansplained” to a 45-year-old woman what it is like to get a prostate exam, a procedure that he had suffered through a few weeks prior. Thomas Packer, an 82-year-old retired drug counselor, had met the woman at a bar that regularly exceeds the COVID-19 seating-capacity limits.

The topic of Mr. Packer’s prostate exam surfaced after the woman said she was shocked by his age, as she suspected he was more like 71-years-old, not 82. Responding to the woman’s surprise, Packer said, “Well, just had to get a prostate exam, so it’s probably all down hill from here. Which, let me tell you, was quite the experience. Truly miserable. You see, they…”

The woman quickly cut him off. “Whoa!” she exclaimed. “Don’t you mansplain what it’s like to get a prostate exam to me. I’ve birthed four children and suffered from economic inequality my entire career because of men like you.”

“Oh, uh, I apologize miss,” Packer responded with a surprised look on his face. “I was just…”

“No!” she fired back. “Just stop! Stop!”

The woman then stormed out of the bar screaming obscenities about the James Bond movie franchise.