Man Shot in the Head Dies of COVID-19

A 32-year-old man in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio was shot in the head Tuesday evening and died of COVID-19 a few hours later. The shooting occurred at 7:15 pm at a local convenience store, where the man was purchasing a bag of Bugles and a two-pack of Ding Dongs. Tragically, he passed away during a surgical operation at 11:42 pm while surgeons were attempting to remove the bullet from his head.

The man’s girlfriend, who often scolded him for frequenting a local bar that regularly exceeds the health department’s 50 percent capacity limit, acknowledged that her boyfriend rarely wore a mask when leaving the house. She also mentioned that he dined in at a McDonalds a few days prior.

“It’s a sad thing,” she told TrollWire’s Harriet Faulkner. “But what did he expect? When you leave your home, mask up. If he wasn’t so reckless, my boyfriend could still be alive.”

The story has attracted national attention, as medical professionals say it’s a wakeup call to mask-deniers around the world. “It reveals the importance of always wearing a mask and only leaving the home for essential reasons,” Dr. Tony Fauci said during a press conference. “This man didn’t have to die. We have to do better.”