Man Accidentally Watches 3 Hours of YouTube Videos After Checking Weather

A man in Miami, Florida accidentally spent three hours on YouTube after checking to see what the temperature would be at approximately 3:00 pm. Jonathan Taylor, who works from home, frequently gets distracted during his required work hours by visiting websites unrelated to his job.

At 8:30 am, which is 30 minutes after he logs on, Taylor wanted to see what the weather would be in the late afternoon. When visiting to check the temperature, he saw that a Tornado had ravished a town in rural Kansas, killing three people, a dog, and two cats.

Taylor had never seen a tornado before, so he searched on YouTube for the term, “dangerous tornado footage.” After watching one video, he ended up watching 12 more videos that showed footage of real tornadoes. With tornadoes on his mind, Taylor proceeded to also view footage of earthquakes, volcanoes, and avalanches.

All in all, Mr. Taylor spent three hours watching YouTube videos containing footage of natural disasters. Moreover, he forgot to actually check the weather, and got soaked from a downpour of rain that started at 3:08 pm.