Mark Zuckerberg: Let’s Stop Using the Term “Going Viral”

With the COVID-19 pandemic now having claimed over 230,000 American lives, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is encouraging people to stop using the term “going viral.” The controversial statement went viral after Zuckerberg threatened to ban the term from Facebook due to its “vile” and “insensitive” nature.

“We must stop using such heinous language,” he exclaimed in a tweet. “It’s disrespectful to anyone who is currently suffering from congestion, a fever, or even a little throat tickle. You might as well be screaming the N word when you use such a vile and insensitive term.”

Responding to thousands of comments on his tweet, Zuckerberg suggested “going nuclear” would be a more appropriate term to use when referring to wildly popular digital content. However, he retracted the suggestion after North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un took offense to the term.

He then suggested “spreading like wildfire,” and then quickly backtracked after California Governor Gavin Newsom took issue with it.

After a few more suggestions that drew intense criticism, Zuckerberg acknowledged that “going viral” was an acceptable term for people to use.