Hey McDonald’s… What Happened to the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel?

An open letter to the owner of of the McDonald’s on Cheshire Street…

Dawson’s Creek – As you know, I am a highly esteemed citizen of this town. I’m also a highly concerned citizen. There’s a lot of cleanup needed to make Dawson’s Creek a more palatable place to live.

At the moment, my primary concern is the menu at the McDonald’s on Cheshire Street. Beginning last Tuesday, they altogether stopped serving the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel. I was shocked! It’s the only breakfast meal I will eat at this establishment. 

Also, get this… when I asked if it would ever be back on the menu, the punk kid at the counter just said, “Uhh, bro, I don’t know.” Ugggg. I’m not your friggin’ “bro.” Stupid millennials.

Oh, and before you say it… I know it’s not a corporate thing, because the location on Main Street still has it on the menu.

Something has to be done here. I expect a prompt response.

Oh, and Tigershove it.