Melania Trump’s Shoes Scrutinized During “Save a Stray Cat” PSA

Social media and several Hollywood actors were ablaze on Wednesday following Melania Trump’s new public service announcement regarding the protection of feral felines. The First Lady’s PSA intended to educate the American people on the purportedly growing “homeless cat crisis,” as she called on the public to “pounce” on every opportunity to save a stray cat.

“Why have we abandoned the nation’s [feline] homeless?” posited Mrs. Trump, who has admittedly adopted 12 feral cats over the past 9 years, to the dismay of her husband. “It’s time to step up. If you see a ratty old cat rummaging through a dumpster, take it in. Give it a home.”

Some are applauding the First Lady’s PSA, including animal rights organization PETA, which announced the following day, “Her husband may be a little douch-ey, but Melania’s dedication to decreasing the homeless cat population is admirable. It’s refreshing to finally see something good come out of this administration.”

Others were not so complimentary, including several Hollywood a-listers, including Scarlet Johansson, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Alba. While critics were quiet on the actual content of the PSA, they expressed a bold distaste for Mrs. Trump’s attire, primarily her shoes. Sporting a dazzling red dress, the First Lady was wearing a pair of pink Chuck Taylor All Stars as she made her announcement.

“It was absolutely hideous!” Jessica Alba said on Twitter. “Our First Lady looked like a deranged middle schooler up on that stage today. #ImpeachMelaniasShoes”

Cameron Diaz expressed a similar sentiment, calling Mrs. Trump out for wearing flats with a dress. “It’s a representation of this entire presidency,” Diaz said. “Wearing Converse shoes during a PSA? This is a big FU to America and the executive office. #UglyShoes #ThatsSo90s”

On a related note, the First Lady recently signed a multi-million-dollar endorsement deal with Converse.

Ernie and Sean, have fun with this, ya uber-partisan dingbats.