Millennial Says His $82K Entry-Level Salary isn’t Horribly Unfair

A 26-year-old man in Kansas City, Missouri made front page news on Wednesday after declaring that the $82,000 annual salary he’s accruing for his new entry-level job isn’t horribly unfair. Chad Taylor, who secured a job as a marketing associate for his father’s business, graduated college with a four-year degree that ended up taking seven years to complete.

After a two-year search for, what he called “the perfect job,” he finally settled on working for his father, who he resents. “It’s a miserable, miserable job,” Taylor told TrollWire’s Andy Coop, who often complains about his own meager salary. “But with the job market the way it is, it’s the only way I’m getting out of my parents’ basement.”

“Not to mention,” he added, “the salary isn’t horribly unfair.”

In related news, several media outlets are now being scrutinized for criticizing the millennial generation’s work ethic, as it’s become a grossly overdone cliche.