Mnuchin Says it’s Been Far Too Long, Americans Need to Be Stimulated

Speaking to habitual delays over a viable new stimulus plan, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin insisted Friday that the American people have been waiting far too long, and that it’s time for the government to stimulate them. Mnuchin issued the statement during a press conference, where he singled out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her efforts to block, what he referred to as, “long overdue stimulation.”

“These people who have lost their jobs… Nancy and her friends have put them through a long, painstaking dry spell,” Mnuchin told reporters. “It’s been months. They’re sitting around at home with nothing to do. How long can we expect them to wait? The American people need to be stimulated now.”

Responding to Mnuchin’s criticism, Pelosi said Americans are going to have to hold out a little longer. “Let’s not be premature,” she affirmed in an exclusive interview with TrollWire’s Ernie Sanders. “The longer you wait, the better it will be in the long run. I’m asking everyone to be patient. They’ll be a very happy ending to all of this.”

Several pundits struck back against the House Speaker, arguing that holding out for more than six months is hardly premature.