Movie Theater Omits Subtitles on South Korean Film “Parasite” to Create Authentic Experience

A movie theater in Burlington, Vermont announced last week that it’s now showing the South Korean thriller “Parasite” exclusively without subtitles. The film, which is the first non-English movie in history to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, is reaping box office riches after its groundbreaking Oscar victory.

Alamo Cinema, the movie theater in question, says subtitles “water down” the cinematic experience, therefore the theater will be showing the film exclusively without them.

“This is a conscious decision by our staff to protect the integrity of ‘Parasite’,” said Alamo Cinema spokesman Jonathan Parlor, a foreign film aficionado who moderates several movie-related subreddits. “Adding subtitles waters down the content. It’s a kick-in-the-face to director Joon-ho and every single actor or actress on that set.”

One movie-goer in Burlington expressed overwhelming support of the theater’s decision. “I saw the film last night,” said Tonya Hardman, who claims to prefer Bollywood to Hollywood. “I didn’t really understand what was going on, but that was refreshing. I got to interpret the film the way I wanted to. It kind of felt like I was doing a Mad Lib.”