Multicultural News Network Vows to Be Go-To Source For the “Underserved” Gay Native American Community

Multicultural News Network, a new television channel focusing on diverse news content, vowed Friday to be the “go-to source” for the gay Native American community. Slated to launch in late 2021, the network says it will cater its content to all races and sexual orientations, especially those that are underserved.

“We will be providing engaging news with the hottest takes in the industry, particularly for the underserved,” an MNN spokesperson told a small room of reporters. “Take, for example, gay Native Americans. Currently, where can they go to find news that matters to them? Nowhere! That’s where we come in. Gay Native Americans are going to love us.”

The spokesman went on to list other underserved communities that will supposedly find MNN appealing, including agnostic cosplayers, erectile dysfunctional Irishman, and nonbinary amateur wrestlers.