MySpace is Back: “Please Come Home… We’ll Let You Post Whatever You Want”

For what years has been an artist-centric promotional hub, MySpace plans to go back to its roots and offer a social media platform designed for, according to its new tagline, “every human being on Earth.” With founder and former CEO Tom back at the helm, MySpace has launched a new campaign to court online users who have felt violated by social media censorship on mainstream platforms.

“Please, please, please come home,” the company wrote in a press release. “Sign back up and we’ll let you post whatever you want. Seriously, whatever you want.”

The platform says while they welcome all, they are particularly excited about providing a service to disenfranchised people who feel like they can’t fully express themselves on Facebook, Twitter, and other social outlets. “Have some controversial political views?” Tom asked reporters Friday during a press conference. “Come on over. Are you into weird foot stuff? MySpace is the place for you. Want to participate in hate speech? Sign up today!”

Tom did acknowledge that the company will be working with limited staff, so don’t expect a great user experience, or many exciting features. “Most likely, it will be clunky,” he noted. “You won’t be able to like, retweet, post memes, or add emoji’s. There won’t be a mobile app. The platform itself is pretty weak. But it will be a judgment-free zone.”

Some millennials are actually grappling onto the idea of a stripped-down social network, as it goes back to the “roots” of social media. However, as one observer pointed out, MySpace is entirely new to many of them.