Nancy Grace Claims Marijuana is #1 Cause of Obesity, Cites the “Munchies”

Thanks to a startling claim made by legal commentator and TV personality Nancy Grace, marijuana users across America are now rethinking their recreational activities. Grace, who is known for steaming hot takes, tweeted Saturday morning that marijuana is now the leading cause of obesity – citing the “munchies” as the primary culprit.

“Folks, it’s time to get serious about marijuana,” she tweeted. “Forget about the dead brain cells. Let’s focus on the giant elephant in the room. That is… the fact that Marijuana is the number-one cause of obesity in America.”

Replying to her own tweet, Grace expounded on the claim, contending that the “munchies” encourages people to binge on junk food. “Enough talk about all of those sober carb-eaters,” she tweeted. “Pot is dumbing down society, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and fattening the wallets of potato chip oligarchs.”

Since her original tweet, Grace is now promoting a multi-level marketing company that sells natural weight loss products.