NASA Warns Illegal Aliens Could Take American Jobs

With an increase in UFO sightings across the world, NASA issued a stark warning on Tuesday, contending that illegal aliens could start taking American jobs. Officials argued that if left unchecked, aliens could enter the United States illegally and confiscate millions of good- and bad-paying American jobs.

The agency said it is still unclear what kind of jobs are at risk. “If these aliens are highly intelligent, they could infiltrate the medical and law fields,” said NASA spokesman Taylor Jorgenson. “If they don’t end up being the brainy types, those in the lawn-scaping and fast food businesses will be at risk.”

Lawmakers are weighing options on how to stem the potential flow of illegal aliens into the country. “I would say, let’s just build a wall,” said South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. “But a wall won’t get us very far. It sounds like we need to build a ceiling. A really big ceiling.”

Several advocacy groups are now fearing that illegal aliens could also take the jobs of illegal immigrants.