NBC News Accidentally Reports Landslide Biden Victory

NBC News accidentally reported Tuesday that Joe Biden won a landslide victory over Donald Trump when an article was prematurely published on the news outlet’s website. The faux pas has shocked readers who had, in the past, believed that mainstream media outlets always practiced responsible journalism.

Published with the headline, “Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump in Landslide Victory,” the article vaguely describes the election results and includes commentary from analysts who claimed to have accurately predicted the electoral outcome.

“As I’ve been saying all along, Joe Biden is going to win this thing,” NBC News contributor Jordan Johnson was quoted in the article. “Based on my analysis, I knew this would be a landslide victory for Joe Biden.”

A whistleblower within the NBC organization is now reporting that there were three more versions of the article – one that reported a narrow Biden victory, a landslide Trump victory, and a narrow Trump victory.

Each article contained a quote from Mr. Johnson claiming an accurate prediction.