NBC Stands By COVID-Related Story: “Teacher Exposes Himself to 20 Children”

After publishing what some were saying was a misleading story, NBC announced Monday that they’re standing by the story’s headline, which read, “Teacher Exposes Himself to 20 Children.” The article explained a recent event where a teacher in Toledo, Ohio continued teaching in person even though he tested positive for COVID-19 just a few days prior.

Critics suggested that the headline could have easily been read through a sexual context. NBC has since responded to the criticism, arguing that there was nothing wrong with how the story was presented.

“The headline is as clear as can be,” said an NBC spokesman. “It’s obvious… You have a male teacher who exposed 20 children to COVID-19. We have smart readers. They can read between the lines.”

The spokesman went on to educate people on the best practices for news publication. “You keep headlines as concise as possible,” he explained. “Give just enough detail without making it so long that people won’t share it on social media. That’s the secret sauce for good journalism.”

Update: TrollWire staff members are currently being bombarded with emails that are criticizing the word count of this article.