NCAA Says 40 Bowl Games isn’t Enough

The NCAA announced on Monday that they will be adding ten more bowl games for the 2020-2021 season. The organization says this will give student athletes more opportunities to compete on the main stage. 

NCAA president Mark Emmert said 40 bowl games simply isn’t enough, and that more schools should be able to compete in high profile games. “I feel for those kids who end up winning five games and don’t get to move forward,” Emmert said during a press conference. “This will be, literally, a game-changer.”

TrollWire’s Harriet Faulkner confronted Mr. Emmert on the decision, asking him whether adding ten more bowl games had anything to do with boosting sponsorship dollars. “I’m assuming this will help further maximize revenue for college football, and that’s what motivated the decision?”

“Of course not,” Emmert protested, seemingly offended by the question. “It’s about the kids. Just because you have a losing record doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be eligible for a bowl game. This is about giving students an opportunity to succeed after a long, laborious regular season schedule. Plus, they will be smaller sponsorships due to the fact that they are more bottom-of-the-barrel teams.”

Sources close to the NCAA discovered that among the ten new bowl games, we will be seeing the BlackBerry Bowl, the MySpace Bowl, and the Yahoo! Bowl. 

Correction: It was mentioned in the article that the NCAA will be adding ten new bowl games for the 2020-2021 season. The correct number is five.