NEA Surprised Parents Are Choosing Quality Education Over Poor Education

The National Education Association (NEA) is surprised to see a rising number of parents moving their children from virtual-only public schools to private schools that have sidestepped COVID-19 restrictions to offer in-person learning. NEA Officials concluded that the reason for the shift is that parents would prefer for their children to get properly educated.

Teachers and union officials were still baffled, considering most private schools aren’t offering the poor quality, COVID-19-free education that public schools are providing. “I don’t get it,” said Janet Bordeaux, an NEA representative in the Chicago public school system. “Sure, the quality of eLearning is abominably poor and the kids get virtually no social interaction, but it’s virus-free. So what’s the problem?”

TrollWire investigated further by surveying several parents that were still on the fence about whether to switch to a private, in person-learning option. Here were a few responses:

“It’s a tough call. I don’t know what’s better… Getting a quality education and potentially getting sick, or not getting sick and having uneducated, mentally-ill children.” – Sherry Coburn, Phoenix, Arizona

“I’m starting to hate my kids. Parents aren’t supposed to spend this much time with their children. While I’d like to avoid the COVID, I’m leaning towards getting the little punks out of my house.” – Roger Thomas, Bloomington, Illinois