New Research Shows COVID-19 Can Be Transmitted Through Eye Contact

A damning new study was reported on Thursday revealing that COVID-19 is not only transmitted through airborne droplets and surfaces, it can also be transmitted through eye-to-eye contact. Scientists say the research would help explain why the virus spreads so easily.

In response, the White House Coronavirus Task Force has issued new guidance that encourages people to be even more careful when out in public.

“It’s a shocking development,” said Dr. Tony Fauci. “When you’re out in public, don’t look anyone in the eye. It might feel a bit awkward, but look at your shoes when you’re walking, and if you absolutely have to interact with someone, keep your eyes below the person’s neck.”

In related news, a man in Charleston, South Carolina was arrested on Thursday evening for sexual harassment, as he was accused of staring at a Walmart cashier’s chest when paying for his groceries.