New Weight Watchers Campaign Disparages “Inner Beauty” and Encourages “Fat Shaming”

A new and controversial Weight Watchers campaign is combatting societal efforts that promote “inner beauty” by instead encouraging “fat shaming.” In an advertisement that aired during The Biggest Loser on Thursday, Weight Watchers featured a young married couple – including a fit, muscular man with his slightly obese wife.

The ad begins with the husband saying, “Honey, I’ve noticed you’ve put on some weight. I think it’s time to cut out the ice cream and get your fat butt on the treadmill.” Apparently shocked by her husband’s comment, the wife responds, “Excuse me?! Did you just fat shame me?”

“Indeed, I did!” the husband fires back. “It’s for your own good.” The ad cuts to the wife walking on a treadmill and following up her workout with a Weight Watchers meal. After some nifty fade-out-fade-in cinemetography, the young couple is seen lounging on the couch – this time, both eating a Weight Watchers meal.

The husband says, “Honey, I’ve noticed your butt doesn’t look as fat. Maybe that Weight Watchers program really works.” To conclude the ad, the camera zooms in on the wife’s face, which is painted with a radiant smile.

Despite repeated calls from critics to remove the ad, Weight Watchers is doubling down on, what company officials are calling, Healthful Fat Shaming. “This ‘inner beauty’ sham is a disservice to the country,” said Weight Watchers spokesman Jonathan Moore, a recovering addict who admittedly used illegal drugs for weight management. “This initiative produces two-fold benefits. If we bring back fat shaming, we’ll reverse America’s decreasing life expectancy rate while reducing healthcare costs.”

Update: Weight Watchers rolled out a new ad campaign featuring a teacher who fat shames several elementary grade students during class. The ad fades out with the tagline, “The more public, the better.”