Honest New Whole Foods Ad Says “It Pays to Be Pretentious”

In an effort that is being hailed by pundits as “honest” and “genuine,” Whole Foods launched a new ad campaign on Monday that encourages people to overpay for food if they want to maximize their pretentiousness. The campaign emphasizes that pretentiousness comes at a cost, and therefore paying for overpriced food and household items is well worth it.

“A false appearance of great importance,” the ad begins, in a successful effort to define the word pretentiousness. “Friends, family members, and all your peers will witness your importance. So shop at Whole Foods… because it pays to be pretentious.”

In addition to gaining national media acclaim, social media pundits took to Twitter to also praise the campaign, as the ad seems to tell Whole Foods’ shoppers that there’s nothing wrong with being pretentious.

“I’ve never witnessed a more real TV ad,” one pundit tweeted. “And it’s 1,200% true. You can’t be a pretender. Practice what you self-righteously preach. It’ll be worth it. It truly does pay to be pretentious #TotallyWorthIt”

Experts predict that the campaign’s success will lead to a 22 percent increase in the average price of goods sold at the national health foods chain.