NFL Player Appeals One-Game Suspension After Murdering His Girlfriend

Michael Heyward, a second-string punter for the Dallas Cowboys, was convicted earlier this month for stabbing his girlfriend to death in their Fort Worth home. In response to the conviction, the NFL has fined Heyward $500 and suspended him for one game.

Heyward was outraged over the seemingly harsh penalty. He agreed to pay the fine, but he has appealed the suspension.

NFL Players Association President Eric Winston also criticized the punishment, declaring, “This is an outrage! Heyward is a first-time offender and he regrets his actions. Throwing out suspensions so frivolously sets a dangerous precedent.”

While a small fringe group has rallied around the deceased girlfriend’s family, Heyward has received an outpouring of support as he seeks to move forward with his budding NFL career. “I’ve realized I made a mistake. I’m sorry, and I can assure everyone it won’t happen again.”

The NFL responded favorably to Heyward’s heartfelt apology. Commenting on the one-game suspension, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated, “As a second-string punter, he won’t be playing anyways. Heyward is free to suit up on Sunday.”

Correction: It was mentioned at the beginning of this article that Heyward was fined $500. The correct amount is $100.