Now’s Not the Time For Kim Jong-Un to Bomb the Ocean

Commentary on Andy Coop’s article: Kim Jong-Un Threatens to Bomb the Ocean Again

Setting aside the obvious flaws in Andy Coop’s article about North Korea bombing the ocean again, I find the idea implausible. Kim Jong-Un may be a tyrannical nut job, but he’s no fool. Now’s not the time for him to bomb the ocean.

The point of launching a nuclear warhead into the ocean is to show your nation’s strength – you know, to make a splash (sorry, I had to). It’s especially important to Mr. Jong-Un that he intimidate Americans, who frankly, right now care little about North Korea’s seemingly never-ending nuclear games.

Here in the United States, we’re dealing with a pandemic. There are riots in the streets. People are far more concerned over whether or not to wear a mask than some dictator across the pond making waves with a nuke. Remember, this isn’t the first time he’s bombed the ocean. And it’s likely not the last.

But, as I said, Kim Jong-Un is no fool. Right now, nobody cares about that lunatic’s rockets. He’s all talk, Andy. And you got punk’d.