NRA and Sierra Club Join Forces to Combat Overpopulation

In what may seem like an unlikely marriage, the National Rifle Association and the Sierra Club have joined forces to fight what they claim to be a catastrophic problem: Overpopulation.

As an environmental organization, the Sierra Club has long warned about overpopulation and its potentially harmful impact on open spaces. The NRA is now hopping on board with the intent to preserve these spaces for hunting. “A good portion of our members are avid hunters,” says NRA President Carolyn Meadows. “Overpopulation and deforestation threaten their hunting grounds. We don’t want the growing population to infringe on vital hunting spaces.”

“Now, to be clear. It’s not animals and the environment that we are concerned about,” Meadows added. “It’s about humans.”

The Sierra Club has applauded the NRA for their newfound position, despite the contrasting motives. “We are happy to have the NRA on board,” said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. “I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘slaughtering and skinning animals’ thing, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.”

Members of each organization seem to be in favor of the relationship, but they are quick to acknowledge their many other ideological differences. TrollWire’s Harriet Faulkner interviewed a member of each organization to get some feedback:

“Supporting this partnership won’t keep me from littering. That’s something I will always enjoy. But hunting is my life.” – Gunner Blake, NRA member

“I still think humans are evil. That won’t ever change. But if the NRA is going to fight for open spaces, I’ll extend an olive branch.” Jessica Toomer, Sierra Club member

PS: Hey Sean, maybe we can finally agree on something?