One-Armed Man Says Amputation Made “Spooning” More Comfortable

A man who had his arm amputated following a near-fatal car accident alleged Tuesday that “spooning” his wife is now “much more comfortable.” John Rogers, a 32-year-old UPS delivery driver who has been happily married for the past 7 years, professed that he always loved snuggling with his wife, but only when lying on his back.

“I never liked spooning,” Rogers told TrollWire’s Harriet Faulkner. “Sure, you throw your arm around your partner and it’s an intimate experience. But I’ve never been able to figure what to do with my other arm.”

Mr. Rogers admitted that to appease his wife he would oftentimes start off spooning her, and then as soon as her breathing got heavy he would slowly roll on to his back.

“I felt horrible every time,” he said, adding that he would sometimes go to bed late to avoid any awkwardness. “Now that I don’t have that second arm to worry about, spooning is now much more comfortable.”