Online Dating Users Say “Mask Preferences” is Now Most Important Personality Trait

Traditionally, politics, religion, and physical appearance were among the most important factors for choosing an online dating match, but platforms are finding that COVID-19 has introduced an even more important personality trait for romance seekers: Their philosophy on mask-wearing.

Online dating platforms like Tinder, eharmony, BeNaughty, and others have recently added “mask preferences” as a required personality trait, and sorting filters have revealed that these traits are now the most commonly viewed.

Popular dating platform Match explains that if a user checks the “yes” box they are telling potential suitors that they will not leave their home without wearing a facial covering. Contrarily, the platform states, answering “no” means the user thinks face masks are stupid.

On some platforms, if a user selects “yes,” there is an additional prompt that allows them to choose their preferred facial covering. For example, Match users can choose among the following options: “Bandana,” “Disposable,” and “Reusable.” In this case, if the user selects “Reusable,” they will have the opportunity to choose additional options, such as “Neutral,” “Tie-dye,” “Superhero,” “Pro-Trump,” and “Anti-Trump.”

In related news, more and more people are abandoning online dating as they face more challenges than ever before, and that is – in many cases – first impressions can be made only from the eyes up.