Online Troll Exposed For Being a “Nice Guy” in Real Life

A 28-year-old man in Boise, Idaho, who known among his Facebook peers as a polarizing online troll, was outed on Saturday night for being a nice guy in the real world. Thomas Hamilton, who was bullied throughout his youth, is Facebook “friends” with 276 of his grade school classmates, who he has relentlessly trolled with controversial political statements.

Mr. Hamilton was outed during a ten-year high school reunion on Saturday night that was secretly held at the class president’s home, violating Idaho’s “stay at home” order. Throughout the evening, there was much discussion about America’s political landscape, particularly relating to how President Trump is handling the coronavirus pandemic.

To everyone’s surprise, Hamilton shied away from any political talk, and when pressed for his opinion on the President, he said, “Eh, some people are going to agree with him and some people aren’t. I think unity is especially important right now.”

The comment was in stark contrast to what Hamilton had posted on Facebook at 9:12 am that morning, which read, “Trump is a douchebag! And anyone who supports that man is also a douchebag!”

Several attendees were shocked to find out that someone could act so differently in person than how they would act on social media. “It’s like he was a completely different person in the real world,” said Brad Perriman, who once gave Mr. Hamilton a wedgie on the way to AP Biology. “You just assume that if someone posts a declarative statement on social media, they would be just as dogmatic about their viewpoint in a face-to-face conversation.”

Update: Sources are now saying Hamilton knowingly attended the reunion despite testing positive for COVID-19 the same morning.