Palestinian, Israeli Youths Create “Safe Spaces” to Avoid Feeling Triggered

A group of Palestinian and Israeli youths have joined forces to create “safe spaces” across the West Bank. The safe spaces will be zones strategically located throughout the region to help prevent young people from feeling triggered when someone says something that impacts their emotions in a negative way.

The diverse group believes the zones will provide a place for young Palestinians and Israelis who feel marginalized to come together and discuss their own personal experiences with marginalization.

“It’s a great step forward for our region,” said 23-year-old Palestinian Yousef Al-Hassan. “When I’m in a safe space, I won’t have to worry about some Israeli calling me a dummy or a loser.”

“It’s fantastic!” echoed Sasha Cohen, a 22-year-old Israeli who is often mistaken for the notorious American figure skater. “When I’m feeling triggered by some Palestinian thug, I’ll just head on over to one of these safe spaces.”

In related news, a bomb exploded in the West Bank on Tuesday as a result of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.