Parents With Last Name “Lester” Regret Naming Their Son “Moe”

A young couple from Cedar Rapids, Iowa realized Friday that they probably chose the wrong name for their six-month-old son. Originally, Marcus and Jessica Lester thought “Moe” would be a cute name for their son, and now six months later, they’ve decided “Moe” and “Lester” doesn’t have a great ring to it.

“It was an impulsive decision,” said Mr. Lester, who owns a failing clock repair business. “We just thought, hey, Moe is a cute name. Apparently, we should have given a little more thought into how his first and last name would fit together.”

The Lester family is considering changing Moe’s name, but worry that it might confuse their son if they start using a different name after six months.

The couple did, however, acknowledge that the the horseshoe mullet his scalp has developed does make him look like a Moe Lester.