Pelosi Says She Felt “More Swampy” Than Usual Campaigning for Speaker Seat

Campaigning to retain her seat as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi admitted Monday that she felt “more swampy than usual” while attempting to convince her Democratic colleagues to appoint her for a final House Speaker term.

“I’ve always felt a little swampy,” Pelosi told reporters in a virtual press conference. “You know, this job can really make you sweat. But, I have to admit, campaigning for the seat this time around made me feel more swampy than I usually feel.”

The statement has pundits debating whether Pelosi was making a physical reference to herself or if it was innuendo about her emotions and mental state. Some commentators insisted that it had to be the former.

“You know exactly what she meant,” Fox News pundit Sean Hannity said Monday night in his opening monologue. “She’s referring to butt sweat. Nancy Pelosi has always dealt with an excess of butt sweat, and she’s finally built up the courage to admit it.”