Pence and Harris Find Common Ground: “No One Cares What We Think”

While the debate between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence got contentious at times, the two candidates were able to find common ground on a few issues, including an acknowledgement that no one in America actually cares what they think.

The acknowledgement came after debate moderator Susan Page asked Senator Harris whether she agrees with Democratic lawmakers who say they are going to “pack” the Supreme Court after the election.

“Well… it’s an election year, so Trump should, you know, wait and let the people decide who they want their next judge to be,” Harris stammered. “I would also say that… umm… well, I don’t know… It’s a complicated issue. No one cares what we think anyways. Right now, everything is about Trump and Biden.”

“I was just thinking the same thing!” Pence blurted out, giving the Senator a wink and a smile. “From the moment this debate started, my mind has been racing, thinking this is pointless! No one cares about us!”

Pundits across the country are applauding the two candidates, noting that such honesty and bipartisanship is the very thing America needs right now.