Popular Coronavirus Video Goes Viral

A popular video detailing the origins of the coronavirus has gone viral after millions of people exposed it to their friends on social media. The now viral video, which was published to YouTube under the title “Origins of the Corona” and has now garnered 52 million views, discusses the virality of the COVID-19 virus.

“This video shocked me,” one Facebook user said about the viral video. “It goes to show how viral coronavirus really is.”

“I can see why the video went viral,” echoed a second user. “With COVID-19 being so viral, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. I exposed my whole family to the video and then shared it on my Facebook newsfeed, Twitter feed, LinkedIn feed, Instagram feed, a Reddit thread, and I made a TikTok video about it.”

Update: The video was removed from all social media platforms after President Trump shared the video on Twitter.