The Possibility of a “Kanye Coup”

As TrollWire’s most nonpartisan journalist, I rarely write for the opinion section. Because slanted commentary can taint your reputation, and in rare cases, prevent you from achieving every journalist’s dream – winning a Pulitzer Prize.

But many will find this to be a thought-provoking theory. That is, the possibility of an 11th-hour “Kanye coup.” Of course, the mainstream media would never give credence to such a theory. They’re focused on the stars of the show – Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

You have one side saying Trump is a tyrannical dictator who will, come January, be far on his way to mounting a coup for the White House. The other side says Biden has already mounted a coup by stealing the election through systemic voter fraud.

Well, did we forget about Kanye West? As if this man isn’t capable of mounting his own coup?

First of all, the man is unstable. Highly unpredictable. Second, he has an enthusiastic (and diverse) fan base, consisting of young black men, 15-year-old white girls, and Joel Osteen listeners. A simple call to arms on Twitter and he’ll have millions rushing to his aide.

On a positive note… there’s a good chance that after announcing the attempted coup, Mr. West will change his mind 3 hours later.

P.S. If anyone knows a Pulitzer Prize board member, please pass this their way.