Putin Calls Term Limits a “Silly Gimmick” Made Up By the West

After successfully pushing through a lower house parliamentary amendment that could allow him to be President of Russia through 2036, Vladimir Putin criticized the idea of term limits, calling them a “silly gimmick” made up by governments in the west.

The legislation must still be approved by Russia’s Constitutional Court, as well as a nationwide referendum, but in Russia’s tightly controlled political system, the choreographed flurry of events on Tuesday was the clearest sign yet that after 20 years as president or prime minister, Mr. Putin won’t be leaving the Kremlin anytime soon.

Praising the amendment as a “groundbreaking” parliamentary accomplishment, while referring to himself in the third person, the Russian President said another “two terms of Putin” would put Russia back on track for world domination. Additionally, he called the term limits crafted by western governments like the United States a “silly gimmick that only restricts a nation’s potential.”

“Lenin, Stalin, the list goes on… Russia has a rich history of empowering its leaders,” Putin said during a press conference. “And part of that empowerment involves not putting arbitrary restrictions on how long they can rule. My people love me, and I will continue to carry forth equitable government practices that will bring the Motherland to places it’s never seen before.”