Ron Paul: “Libertarians Need to Start Talking About Meth”

Drug legalization has long been a staple of the Libertarian party, with much progress being made in the area of marijuana in recent years. A growing number of states have now legalized pot for both medicinal and recreational use.

But marijuana is not the only drug Libertarians would like legalized. “Harder” drugs like cocaine and heroin have also been on the list for quite some time. Studies have been referenced in countries like Switzerland, where the government has actually legalized heroin.

Longtime Libertarian and former Texas congressman Ron Paul is reigniting the debate, but this time emphasizing a different drug – methamphetamine. Libertarians rarely cite meth as a drug they would like to see legalized. Paul says this needs to change:

In terms of freedom and constitutional liberty, meth is no different from heroin, cocaine, or even marijuana. We shouldn’t be stigmatizing meth because we see how it affects the teeth and facial structure of the user.

TrollWire’s award-winning journalist Andy Coop pressed the former Congressman during an interview on Thursday evening, asking him to expound on his position. Paul replied:

Well, you know how perceptions can be. Cocaine… it’s so ‘high class.’ Heroin… it’s the economical alternative to prescription narcotics. But what about meth? It’s a drug people should be able to enjoy without being scrutinized. Even Breaking Bad wasn’t able to break the stigma.

Paul later acknowledged that it has more to do with discrimination than anything. “Ignoring meth is like ignoring trashier, more rural parts of America. We need to protect the rights of all recreational drug users. That’s true American liberty.”