Sexist Toddler Prefers “Roughhousing” With His Father

A sexist toddler who lives with his parents in a suburb of St. Louis, MO admitted over the weekend that he prefers to roughhouse with his father over his mother. Activities such as wrestling, pillow fighting, and even “doing the airplane” are much more fun with daddy, says three-year-old Colton Brannigan.

“Mommy doesn’t wrestle very good,” Brannigan told a group of reporters outside of his home. “I think Daddy’s are better at roughhousing.”

The toddler’s comments have sparked outrage on Twitter and other social platforms. “This punk toddler needs to be cancelled #cancelcolton” said one Tweet. “Can you believe this kid? Already a misogynistic little jerk #toddlersexism,” read another.

Brannigan has since issued a statement via his father’s Facebook account: “I sorry for my sexism. My mommy is going to tries to roughhouse better.”