Study: Only 6% of Spouses Cash in on Homemade Coupon Book Gifts

A shocking study was released Tuesday revealing that only six percent of spouses cash in on homemade coupon books that are gifted to them from their husband or wife. Surveying 974 people, the study found that while coupon book gifts are a nice gesture, they are oftentimes lost, discarded, or oftentimes even rejected when attempted to be redeemed.

There was some variation depending on the type of coupon. For example, 65 percent of husbands attempted to redeem coupons involving “sexual favors,” compared to only 3 percent of their female counterparts. However, the majority of the coupons were rejected, with responses such as “I’m too tired,” “I had a long day,” and “It’s that time of the month.”

More than half of respondents acknowledged that when creating the coupon books, they were “pretty confident” their spouse would forget to use every single coupon.

“I give a coupon book to my husband every year for Father’s Day and he always loses it,” said one respondent, who asked to remain anonymous. “Which is refreshing. Otherwise I’d be unloading a lot of dishes and giving a lot of massages.”