STUDY: Watching TV While Eating Can Make Your Butt Look Fatter

A shocking new study just published by the Harvard Medical School found that eating a meal or snacking in front of the television over time can make your butt look fatter. Spanning three continents, the comprehensive study presented a startling revelation that has researchers scrambling to learn more.

“It was a fascinating experiment that generated extraordinary results,” said one of the study’s authors. “By our calculations, butt fat grows progressively over time as more and more food is consumed on the couch. This should be a wakeup call to America – and quite frankly, the world.”

As TV dinners and late-night snacking are commonplace in most American homes, the study is prompting people to rethink their eating and TV-consumption habits.

“It’s a real bummer,” said Thomas O’Leary, a 37-year-old overweight postal worker who historically binge-eats unprocessed foods while binge-watching 90s sitcoms. “But it also explains a lot. My butt has certainly gotten fatter since I first started on episode one of the first season of Seinfeld.”

While the study has presented some damning conclusions, next we have to isolate which factor is contributing to the increase in butt fat, researchers are now saying. “Is food or TV the culprit?” one scientist suggested. “That’s what we have to figure out next. Because we have a serious butt-fat surplus that needs to be tended to.”