Support Global Warming if You Care About Chicago’s Homeless Population

Several months back, TrollWire reported a poll that all but rocked the nation’s view on manmade global warming. The poll revealed that the overwhelming majority of America’s homeless are in support of unnatural changes in the climate.

Across the country, 65 percent of these homeless people said they are strongly in favor of manmade carbon emissions that increase temperatures. When you head up to the northern cities, like Chicago and Minneapolis, the percentage climbs dramatically.

My colleague Ernie Sanders, of course, would say global warming is a bad thing. It’s “destroying the earth.” We’re “nearing apocalypse.”

I beg to differ.

You see, for being such a hoity toity lib, you’d think Ernie would actually care about America’s homeless. But, no, he’s just fine that we have hundreds of destitute eskimos roaming the streets of Chicago.

To make these people more comfortable, I believe America needs to ramp up production. Let’s find new ways to pollute. It would be productive. It’s good for the eskimos.

So go out and do your part.