Teenager Literally Laughs Out Loud After Reading Text Message

A 13-year-old girl from Beverly Hills, California, literally laughed out loud over the weekend after she read a humorous text message from one of her childhood friends. Collie Berman, who in the moment was wondering if she’ll get the opportunity to go to high school some day, received a text from her friend posing the question, “What do lawyers wear to court?”

Confused at first, Ms. Berman was worried her friend had gotten into legal trouble, especially considering her kleptomaniacal tendencies.

“I don’t know, why?! Did something happen?!” Berman messaged her friend.

“No, dummy,” her friend responded two minutes later, “they wear LAWSUITS!” Berman quickly realized it was a joke, and she burst into laughter.

After regaining her composure, she responded, “Ooooh… LOL!”