The Onion Claims TrollWire is a “Ripoff of The Onion”

In a scathing editorial published last week, world-renowned news organization The Onion made a damning claim, declaring that TrollWire is nothing more than a “ripoff of The Onion.” With a level of bias unlike any other published work, Jay Pteradanctin – senior editor for The Onion and self-proclaimed 9/11 Truther – referred to TrollWire staff members as “hacks” and “boring journalists.”

“We’ve been reporting the news since 1988,” wrote Pteradanctin, in what appeared to be an opinion article littered with factual inaccuracies. “Then TrollWire comes along and thinks they can dominate online journalism? I think their mere existence is to ‘troll’ our writers.”

Pteradanctin went on to target individual TrollWire staff members, calling Sean Vanity a “hack,” Andy Coop a “boring journalist,” and Jenny Gardner a “bimbo wannabe ‘influencer’ who charges way too much for Instagram hashtags and word-of-mouth mentions.”

Following the article’s publication, TrollWire readers flooded Snopes to request an official fact check of the content. The fact-checking website issued an immediate verdict of “false.”

On the Snopes listing, staff writers said Mr. Pteradanctin’s reporting was “reckless and a complete obfuscation of the truth.” The fact checkers went on to evaluate The Onion as a news organization, concluding that their journalists have a high accuracy rate (98.7 percent), but TrollWire’s journalistic accuracy rate is even higher (99.7 percent).

“This article published by The Onion should never have been published,” Snopes reported. “It’s a shame that such a prestigious news organization would stoop to that level.”