Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Cheats on Cellmate With 13 Other Inmates

Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic from the docu-series “Tiger King,” surprised fellow inmates when he cheated on his cellmate with 13 other prisoners at FMC Fort Worth prison.

The former tiger breeder and zoo owner kindled what was agreed to be an exclusive relationship with his cellmate, who he had been “dating” for the past 27 days. Thomas Reed, known by his peers as “Big Tommy,” said that when Maldonado-Passage moved into his cell it was “love at first sight.”

To Reed’s dismay, five days into the relationship and Maldonado-Passage had cheated on him with multiple inmates. Reed was shocked by the discovery, which was revealed to him by several prisoners who over the past few weeks had become smitten with the infamous zoo owner.

“I watched a bootlegged copy of ‘Tiger King,’ so I knew about Joe’s past,” Reed told TMZ, which published a compelling, well-documented article on the controversy. “I was sure he had changed. I mean, he flat-out told me he had changed.”

Update: 10 of the 13 inmates have reluctantly come to an agreement that they’d engage in a polyamorous relationship with Maldonado-Passage.