When I Read TrollWire, Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Reading Fake News

A letter to the editor…

Dawson’s Creek – I realize TrollWire is a reputable news organization in the community – and, quite frankly, the world. However, sometimes when I read your articles, I feel like I’m reading fake news.

For example… I know polls for the presidential election are old news, but your “shock poll” that claimed Biden was leading nine points among dog-owning suburban mothers of three who own at least one Prius.

I mean, come on, Biden wouldn’t have that big of a lead with mothers who have three children. Female Biden voters make up a more single twenty somethings demographic. I imagine Trump killed it with the mothers of three.

Another article that seemed like fake news to me… the one about CDC guidance on mask wearing. Really? The CDC is demanding that we “wear masks while driving just in case someone opens your car door and sneezes on you?”

That’s crazy talk. I realize there’s a real possibility that someone could hop onto your sunroof, break the window, and sneeze on your head. But Trump’s CDC would never issue such guidance.

All that being said, I would hate for TrollWire to go out of business because of these outlier articles.

But I still recommend you fire some of your reporters. They’re not real journalists.

– Pesos out