Trump Dismisses Reporter Who Interjects, “Pardon Me, Mr. President…”

President Donald Trump quickly dismissed a reporter on Wednesday after the man interrupted him in the middle of a press conference. While the President was offering a scathing critique of the mainstream news media, the reporter interjected and proceeded to request a pardon for unknown reasons.

“The news media in this country is an enormous case of crapola,” the President stated after White House reporters bombarded him with questions about Joe Biden’s alleged presidential win. “You reporters are the scum of the…”

“Pardon me, Mr. President,” the reporter interjected. “I would like to…”

“Pardon you?” Trump shot back. “Why in the world would I pardon you? I should have known. I pardon Mr. Flynn and now everyone is jumping in for a handout.”

“No, sir, I mean…” the reporter interjected again. “I was just…”

“That’s it!” Trump shouted. “Please, someone, escort this man out of my press room.”

The man slowly exited the room with a bewildered and dejected look on his face.